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Experiment Start Date: 8 / 1 / 2017

Brought to you by

  • Abhinav Adduri

    Engineering Intern

  • Daniela Arcese

    Engineering Intern

  • Danny Coates

    Sanitation Engineer

  • Peko Chen

    UX Visual Designer

  • Mark Liang

    Firefox UX

  • Morpheus Chen

    Firefox UX

  • Erica Wright

    UX Developer

  • Sevaan Franks

    Staff Product/UX Designer

Your privacy

In addition to the collected by all Test Pilot experiments, here are the key things you should know about what is happening when you use Send:

You can learn more about the data collection for Send here.

Send lets you upload and encrypt large files (up to 1GB) to share online. When you upload a file, Send creates a link to pass along to whoever you want. Each link created by Send will expire after 1 download or 24 hours, and all sent files will be automatically deleted from the Send server.

Unlike other Test Pilot experiments, Send does not require an add-on, and can be used in any modern browser.

Send lets you upload and share encrypted files.

Send will only store your files for one download or 24 hours.

You can use Send in any modern browser.