Firefox Test Pilot

Test Pilot Privacy Notice

November 22, 2016

Mozilla cares about your Privacy. The Mozilla Privacy Policy describes how we handle information that we receive from you in connection with Test Pilot.

Things you should know

Firefox sends Mozilla data when the Test Pilot Add-on is installed; and also if a Test Pilot Experiment is enabled. This includes data on Firefox and user interactions with Firefox. We use this data to build better Firefox features.

  • General Data Collection: Firefox starts sending Mozilla data once the Test Pilot Add-on is installed. In addition, Mozilla receives data from enabled Test Pilot Experiments. Before enabling a Test Pilot Experiment, you can review the specific data collection by checking the “Your Privacy” section of the Experiment’s information page.

    • Telemetry and Browser Data: Test Pilot uses Firefox’s Telemetry to send Mozilla data about your Browser and Test Pilot. Installing the Test Pilot Add-on will enable Telemetry if it was not already enabled. Telemetry is a feature in Firefox that sends Mozilla usage, performance, and responsiveness statistics about user interface features, memory, and hardware configuration. Your IP address is also collected as a part of a standard server log. Usage statistics are transmitted using SSL and help us improve future versions of Firefox.

    • Usage Data: We want to better understand how Test Pilot users interact with Firefox during specific Test Pilot Experiments. For example, in addition to the normal data collected by Firefox’s Telemetry, we may measure user interactions with mouse, touch, and accessibility tools, as well as Firefox interfaces and controls; the timing and frequency of these actions, etc.

  • Turning-off Data Collection: Individual Test Pilot Experiments can be disabled by you at anytime, which will stop corresponding data collection. Note, however, that we’ll continue to receive data from Firefox, and the Test Pilot webpages you visit, until the Test Pilot Add-on is uninstalled.

  • Choice, Control, Minimization: We try to balance your privacy with our need for data to improve Firefox. Test Pilot, and each Test Pilot Experiment, are optional. We minimize data collection to only what is needed. We also try to separate personal information (such as your email address, if you provided it to us) from browser, usage, and referral data; this allows us to better understand user engagement without identifying your behavior specifically.

We connect with Test Pilot participants using email, Firefox, and on the Test Pilot website. To better understand user engagement with Test Pilot, we also use cookies, analytics, and non-Mozilla services.

  • Server Logs: Your interaction with the Test Pilot website, including the installation of the Test Pilot Add-on and any Experiments, is collected as part of a standard server log. This server log data will be associated with your IP address, and will be routinely destroyed in accordance with our Privacy Policies.

  • Communications: When Test Pilot is enabled, we may use notifications in Firefox or your email address, if you have provided it to us, to ask for feedback and notify you of new Test Pilot Experiments. If you disable a specific Test Pilot Experiment, we may contact you to learn more about your experience. If you previously signed up to receive Test Pilot email messages, you can unsubscribe at any time by using the “unsubscribe” link as instructed within any Test Pilot email.

  • Cookies and Analytics: We use cookies, clear GIFs, and analytics in our communications and on our webpages. For example, analytics are used to measure engagement with our emails and webpages. Learn more about our privacy practices in connection with websites, communications, and cookies here.

  • Referral Data: We collect information about the source that referred you to Test Pilot (e.g., Firefox snippet, email, webpage link, etc.).

  • Non-Mozilla Services: We use services of other companies like ExactTarget, Google, and SurveyGizmo for emails, analytics, and surveys. We encourage you to review their privacy policies and terms, as they are different from ours.